How our system works

  • Let's Get Started!

    You give us an opportunity to explain how we may assist you to achieve your goal.

  • Let's Review!

    We review your last year’s general ledger, financial statements and give you a detailed quote or in the matter of start-ups we discuss what your vision is and provide you a quote based on that.

  • The Right Fit!

    We will send you an engagement letter and Pre-authorized Debit agreement, Once you select your Fee Package.

  • The Setup!

    We will complete the initial setup and take care of the software licensing so that you can sit back and relax while we get the ball rolling.

  • Training & Execution

    We will have a training session with you to introduce you to our systems and show you how easy it is to stay on top of everything and build an audit-proof accounting system.

That’s it!

Enjoy your life and take your business to new heights!

Please verify that your current CPA firm is registered with Chartered Professional Accountants Saskatchewan and is in good standing. It will ensure the quality of the work they provide is of the highest standard. You can check the standing of the firm here or to inquire if a Firm is licensed please send an email to

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