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Accounting and Advisory Services

Real estate corporation or real estate business they are both treated same for accounting purposes. Every individual and small to large investor, they can start real estate investment. Real estate investment bookkeeping is one of the most neglected topics because we tend to leave it until the very last or adhere to a popular myth - if there is a loss on real estate property then you don’t have to file any taxes. Real estate bookkeeping is very important because based on the nature of the transaction, it could have a very negative tax consequence. To list a some of the benefits of bookkeeping:

  • The ability to track cash flow, profit and other business measurements

  • An organized accounting system

  • Preparation for tax season - being pro-active

  • Rental property performance

  • Accurate return on investment

  • Accurate calculation of return on equity

Timing of when a big expense should be deducted is not a straight forward matter. You can choose to depreciate a property to minimize your taxes payable now. But that means higher taxes payable at the time of selling by the way of recapture and capital gain. Incorrect capitalization may also mean more taxes at the time of selling. In an ideal market, Real estate is the one of the only investment types where you are guaranteed to get some sort of return on your equity, so accurate record keeping not only ensures the recapture is correct but also ensures the equity is fully recouped back. We have an integrated system not only for real estate investors, real estate agents, real estate properties but also real estate property management companies.

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